Belly Dance Snake Charmer

Sketchers Corporate Event

I had a blast as a Belly Dance and Snake Charmer at the Sketchers event. The theme was circus from beginning to end. Sketchers brought in 800 employees from all around the world. When the doors opened and I took out my two albino snakes, so many people wanted photo ops. A crowd would line up for the extreme experience of touching the snake and a Q & A  session about it. I would walk two steps before getting stopped once again.

For a company having an event this big has to be very pricey. A company that produces a party this size for their employees means that they really appreciate them. Everyone was with a smile from ear to ear and were having the time of their lives.

I had the pleasure of performing along side so many different performers, some being, fire performers, stilt walkers, bands, magicians, dancers and myself the snake charmer belly dance.

The Event was four hours long. Dance Music in the background, circus performers & gourmet food being served, hands down it was one of the most exciting gigs I’ve ever done. In the end, no matter if my shoulders and feet were aching, I had one of the best times of my life and a short story to speak about.